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Why StereoTrader MT?
Netting or Hedging? Both.

Traders choose between accounting in either Stereo Future Mode (like Ninjatrader, Nanotrader etc.), Stereo Hedge Mode (StereoTrader exclusive), Single Hedge Mode (MetaTrader4 standard) and Single Net Mode (various platforms). This way StereoTrader enables for netting with MetaTrader 4 and 5.

Isolated Strategies

Multiple strategies with one instrument, one account at the same time within multiple charts. Each chart shows only those orders and statistics which belong to the underlying strategy. No more need for multiple accounts, multiple installations or other derivates.

History Trading (free!)

Evaluation of trades, strategies and indications using historical data becomes available. Perfect for increasing the learning process, also perfect for webinars or seminars and last but not least – to meet all the features of StereoTrader without waiting for quotes.

True One-Click-Speed-Trading

More than 30! different trading commands are available at one single click and at highest visual precision. Manual trades within just seconds become possible while scalping automation increases efficiency and profits at the same time.

Intelligent Orders

MIT orders (market if touched) for synthetic stops, take profits and all kinds of pending orders. Innovations such as Limit-Pullback or Market-Trailing orders provide the potential to increase profits and to reduce risks drastically. On top: Trailing and attributes like OCO (one cancels other), reverse or net.

Designed for MetaTrader 4/5

The seamless principle avoids any interruptions by messages or popups which cover the chart. Floating panels organized in stacks help to stay focused. Different themes suit different tastes. Useful indications for day-trading and plenty of Add-Ons (Range-breakout, ATR-Bracket etc.) are already integrated and available at one single click.

High-Level Automation & Indication

Robots and indicators for MT4 and MT5 without any changes between both. Estimation module shows backtesting results on the fly! Complete strategies, customized exit rules or individual trailing stops – everything is possible based on ticks or on finished bars. StereoMQL is a high-level framework, easy to read and based on MQL4/5.

Algorithmic Trading

Minimizing the risk by up to 50% without cutting the gained profit. Strategic orders based on algorithms are able to trade the noise automated and to create profits in non-trending markets.

Exit Rules

Automated exit by various intelligent trailing stops based on different logics. Also exiting by time, by equity or by real Trade P/L which includes any particular closings and new orders in between.

Not enough? Compare all the features to your current platform …

StereoTrader is based on MetaTrader 4/5 and uses all its features in view of account management and its professional charting. In this users of StereoTrader also benefit from all advantages which the worlds most popular basic trading platforms provide.

Broker connectivity

StereoTrader is ready to use with any account and actually any broker who supports MetaTrader 4. Due to possible restrictions in view of functionality, spread and fair execution, we provide a selection of brokers who suits the needs of StereoTrader users best and have their own support team.

StereoTrader was also tested successfully with live accounts at ActivTrades, Admiral Markets, JFD, GKFX, RoboForex, Tallinex, WH-SelfInvest (WHS) and XM.


Partnerships, Coaches, Add-ons

The main philosophy of StereoTrader is the support of successful trading processes by providing features, which kick out any other CFD or Forex platform. To underline this, the distribution of StereoTrader is mainly focused on experienced traders who are very familiar with all functionalities. Our partners trade specific strategies and support their own communities with coachings and webinars.

Instead of purchasing the platform directly, please also feel free to get in touch with these partners.


We are proud to announce that StereoTrader MT now offers daily Market Profile – the original by Oliver Klemm.