StereoMQL – Programmers interface

StereoTrader may be used for full automated trading. For this, a full-featured API is provided. Automation is possible in two ways:

  • Based on every tick
  • By finished bar

In combination with the power of MQL4/5, this interface is probably the most effective way for developing of automated strategies and has the power to beat any other product around. Hereby, StereoTrader acts as host, whereby so-called SEAs (Stereo Expert Advisors) are loaded as indicators which act as signal providers.

The programming of Experts with StereoTrader, has almost nothing to do with native MT4/MT5 programming. Furthermore, when one decides for developing strategies with StereoTrader API, the code will work with MT4 as well as MT5 without any changes at all!

The Estimator – outstanding

An essential part of the interface is the Estimator, which is surely an outstanding feature. The Estimator allows you do verify strategies visually. Not only entries are displayed in the chart, also the movement of the trailing stop and of course the result of an automated strategy. On the fly! As soon as you change any parameter of the panel of StereoTrader, the history becomes refreshed, the trades of the past will be redrawn and the result gets recalculated.

Backtest time for 1 year is at about 1 second – without using the Strategy-Tester of MetaTrader!

Furthermore, with the interface, it´s easily possible to draw lines, clusters, zones which all happens on a higher language level and the code becomes very easy to read.