Backtest your ideas – for free!

The best way to become familiar with all the features of StereoTrader is to trade the history. MetaTrader comes with an excellent strategy tester, which is actually designed to test full automated strategies. Nevertheless StereoTrader uses this functionality for it´s own purposes and provides the option, to manually trade in the past without any restrictions.

Furthermore, this feature is also perfect to increase the trade-learning process dramatically, it´s perfect for webinars, seminars, to test the built in features, automated strategic order placements as well as behaviour with different trail stops in different market situations.

The History Trading feature may be used for free and already works with the demo version and a demo account without any restriction. 

How to activate?

To activate history trading, choose the Strategy tester from the menu View->Strategy tester.

The settings should be as follows:

  • Symbol – choose the instrument which you want to trade in the past
  • Model – “Every tick”
  • Use date – specify the period you want to trade
  • Visual mode – must be checked, whereby the speed slider must be set to full speed
  • Period – any
  • Spread – “Current”
  • Optimization – must be unchecked

Press Startand trade!


To navigate to a specific time, you may use the Skip to button at the tester panel. Furthermore, StereoTrader provides an additional panel to refine the behaviour of the strategy tester while trading in history manually or automated.

  • Speed – turns down the speed of the strategy tester
  • Slow down on trade – turns down the speed as soon as a trade is opened
  • Slow at time – slows down the tester speed at a specific time of the day
  • Slow amount – the slowing factor (higher is slower)
  • Compound interest – activates/deactivates interest of interest calculation during automated backtesting
  • Hide for backtest – turns off all visual output of StereoTrader. This function may be used, when any automated strategy is backtested. This increases the speed of backtesting. Once the button was clicked, there is no possibility to reactivate the visual output again.

Statistical data

Due to the circumstance that the tester was actually designed for full automated expert advisors, it comes with all the functionality for trading statistics which is available in this kind of manual history trading too.

Besides this, the trade statistics of StereoTrader show you all results also in realtime.