Are we totally insane?

As private traders, every day when we open a new trade in the market, we battle against the big boys and against intelligent robots. The ones have the money and the power to move the market, the others are quicker than we ever could be. And on top of it all, there could be a broker at the end of the chain who could play against us and most of us would not even recognize it. From this perspective, the only conclusion that can be reached is – YES. We are!

Same way as if we´d try to win a fight with bludgeons against an army with high-tech equipment. But this is what 99% of us try to do. And it´s not a secret that almost the same percentage of traders fail. Of course, it´s not only about the equipment, but the right gear increases chances at least significantly.

The advantage of CFDs

The idea behind CFDs is trading with very small contracts in an artificial market environment, which is always liquid. This is not just ideal for beginners, it also opens the door for much more intelligent solutions than just open a trade here and close it there. But does any platform take advantage of this? Absolutely no.

The philosophy of StereoTrader

As a trader, you know how a market moves and you know what´s important to trade successfully: It´s mainly

  • Celerity in any view, you don´t want to type numbers all the time and don´t want to click ten times with the mouse if it also could be done with one click. You don´t want to move five stop losses to a specific level when all those particular positions belong to one big trade – you want to move only one.
  • Clarity. It´s not acceptable that a trading platform is not even able to calculate a break even when particular positions have been added or removed from a complex trade. It´s not acceptable that you are forced to take a calculator to figure out how many points a trade is in profit or loss after there were several buys and sells in between – or even worse – when you do hedging.
  • Precision. No matter if you are looking for 5, 20 or 100 points, lack of precision always forces you to increase the risk.
  • Information. You need to know at one glance at the chart where your orders are. But also where resistances are, where pivots are, where the high and low of today and/or previous day were, where the market opened and where it closed.
  • Flexibility. You don´t want to be forced to decide if you take the intraday swing or if you do the scalp in the opposite direction. You want to have the possibility to do it both without losing the overview. Actually, you would like to trade this completely separated.
  • No bothering and interrupting messages in front of the chart when a trade is opened.
  • Money-management. You want to know your exact risk and reward, including commissions.
  • Backtesting. Of course, you want to trade with historical data to backtest your strategies and ideas!
  • Intelligence. The most important thing is the entry into a position, the other most important thing is the exit. A software should have functions to optimize both.
  • Automation. Some processes, such as strategic stop techniques, should always be automated. A processor interacts quicker and more precise than it´s possible manually.

If you take a look at the market, you will not find any trading software which fulfills more than two or three of these issues and absolutely no software which is able to give you an answer to some of these points.


This list is just an extract of many things more which are important to trade successfully. StereoTrader acts as traders act and tries to suit all such needs of traders as good as possible.

StereoTrader was designed for daytrading, for scalping and intraday swings with just one goal: Support you to trade more profitable, with less stress and at lower risks. You will find plenty of features that you could not even imagine before, but which you don´t want to miss after you got used to them. Solely the usage of the Limit Pullback Order is able to increase your daily profits just like that. This has been proven live, many times. (See exemplary live webinar, 30th of June 2016)

I claim, if you are able to trade profitable anyway, your profits will grow when you trade with StereoTrader. And if you trade break-even, this platform will lift you up to the next level: A profitable trader.

Get ready for success.

Dirk Hilger
Trader, creator and developer of StereoTrader

July 2016