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StereoTrader is always FREE to use for History Trading, automated and manual backtesting of strategies.

StereoTrader MT4 / MT5 (Classic)

StereoTrader MT4 Silver Edition (SE)

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The flagship, including all features as described on these pages. With this license, you may choose the MT4 or MT5 version or both.

  • Four different trading models
  • All order types
  • All trailing types
  • Isolated Strategies
  • History Trading (MT4 version only)
  • Algorithmic trading with Strategic Orders
  • Full automation via Remote API

Rent for 29,90€ / month */**

The starters package. Main features are:

  • Two different trading models (Stereo Future & Single Hedge)
  • Advanced order types
  • Advanced trailing types
  • History Trading

FREE of charge – with account at our broker partners

… trade with a broker of your own choice and rent for 9,90€ / month */**

StereoTrader MT4 Platinum Edition

Includes the Classic Edition, but on top

  • Advanced eMail support for developing issues
  • Access to weekly Webinars for developers

Rent for 49,90€ / month */**

* Any payments will be proceeded by The license is restricted for private usage, one person valid for up to 2 accounts. In case of multiple accounts, any such account must be registered for the same person with the same broker. Licenses are not transferable to other persons, institutions or companies. 
** No cancelation period for monthly payments.

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