The Pool Panel in Stereo Future Mode

The Pool Panel

In any virtual mode, such as Stereo Hedge Mode or Stereo Future Mode, the current positioning is managed via the corresponding Pool Panel. Besides this, it holds the lot size for any new order or position.

  • Order size – the lot size for a new order or position. The size can also be set by using the quick buttons below.
  • Stop loss and Take profit – the relative distance to the average open price of the position in points/pips after activation.
  • Trailing stop – the trailing stop mode to use after activation. StereoTrader provides several by default, such as Straight, PeriodicSMAEMATrendline.
  • Trailing distance – the distance of the stop to the level where the stop is trailed.
  • Trail begin/BE – defines the start level where the trail begins.
  • SL – activates/deactivates the stop loss for the position.
  • TP – activates/deactivates the take profit for the position.
  • TRL – activates/deactivates the trailing automatic.
  • BE – activates/deactivates the save break even save function.
  • Flat – closes all positions, removes all pending orders and stops all automatic order algorithms (panic).
  • Close – closes all positions. Ctrl-click closes all particular positions with a positive profit
  • BuyO – deletes all pending buy orders
  • SellO – deletes all pending sell orders