If you are used to CFD or Forex trading, and if you are used to MetaTrader or similar platforms, then you are familiar with the trading of single positions and orders.

If you are experienced with futures, stocks or any similar real products, you are familiar with the fact, that all particular positions are combined and that you actually trade only one big position instead of multiple particular small. This netting principle is actually the native way of trading. Only a few platforms support netting with CFD and Forex instead of single position trading, but all those platforms were originally designed for futures, not for CFDs and not for Forex.

The StereoTrader is the only front-end which supports ALL accounting models plus a unique one: The bi-directional netting model for complex hedging strategies. This repertory of trading/accounting models is unrivaled.

Last but not least, StereoTrader was designed from the scratch for CFD and Forex by maxing out the advantages of such derivates like no any other platform does.

For you as a trader this means, you get the absolute maximum in view of flexibility, clarity and efficiency.


Available Trading Models

  • Stereo Futurecombines all particular positions to one virtual position which is represented by one break even. As a result, only one big position is traded and only one stop loss and one take profit and one trailing stop are used. Any opposite order compensates the open virtual position, which makes it easy to realize partial sales and/or to turn the trade direction from long to short or vice versa. (NinjaTrader, NanoTrader, etc.)
  • Single Hedge – single positions with separated stop loss and take profit. The mode allows being short and long the same time. (MetaTrader standard)
  • Single Net – same as above, but without the possibility to be long and short the same time. Any opposite order compensates active positions. (Various platforms)
  • Stereo Hedge – combines all particular positions to two virtual positions, which are represented by a break even per direction – long and short. No matter how many particular positions are in the pool, you trade only two, but you still have access to all particular positions too. (StereoTrader exclusive)


Compare it

The left side shows the plain MetaTrader4, the right side shows it with StereoTrader MT4 loaded. Orders and positions are the same on both charts. Compare the transparency: How long would it take to examine break even, the P/L, CRR or at least to figure out what is currently traded?

The right chart shows a successful long trade at a total P/L of currently 124.52 USD with a total size of 100 lots (originally build with 8 different buy orders). The green dotted line shows the break-even of all buy positions at 9.864, a clear take profit with a potential maximum reward of 341.60 USD (green line), some sell orders for particular take profits with 30 lots each below the TP (red dash-dotted lines), a clear stop (red line) at a risk of 133 USD and a trailing stop which starts 3 points higher than the current price is (yellow dotted line).

To take the current profit of 124.52 USD, it takes one second. To move the SL of all 8 particular positions: One second. To move 8 TPs: One second. To activate 8 trails: The answer is always the same.

This is the power of Virtualization.